Sexy Pizza Opens On Pearl Street With “Green-Minded” Pies

Sexy Pizza opened on South Pearl Street last month, bringing with it some controversial ideals.

Our loyal friend and confidant, Merriam Webster, defines the word sexy as, “sexually suggestive or stimulating, generally attractive or interesting.” While part one of that definition may not entirely apply, the second perfectly describes the name of a new fixture on Old South Pearl Street, Sexy Pizza.

The New York style pizza shop, which has been a Denver staple in the Capitol Hill neighborhood since 2008, opened it’s doors on 1579 S. Pearl St. in mid-March.

While the greasy, beer-ridden kitchen may not fulfill the first part of Webster’s definition, it certainly meets the criteria for another connotation that has come to be associated with the word sexy: controversial.

Owner Kayvan Khalatbari will be seriously testing the wholesome, family-oriented waters Pearl St. is known for by publicly supporting the use of medical marijuana at his pizza shop.

Khalatbari is also founder and current Medical Marijuana Center Manager at Denver Relief, a medical marijuana center and wellness service provider located at 1 Broadway.

Sexy Pizza features four pies that are sponsored by a specific pro-marijuana non-profit, and one dollar of the profits earned from those  pizzas is donated to the specified organization. The organizations are: Medical Marijuana Assistance Program of America (MMAPA), Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), Sensible Colorado and SAFER.

So, if you don’t mind possibly tossing a buck to the pro-marijuana movement, give Sexy Pizza a try and enjoy some of their sexy deals. Two slices and a beer for $6? Count me in.

What do you think of Sexy Pizza coming to South Pearl Street with pro-marijuana ideals? Is it a good opportunity for the neighborhood to diversify and people to learn more? Or, is it contradicting the family-oriented atmosphere the neighborhood has fostered for years? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Sexy Pizza Opens On Pearl Street With “Green-Minded” Pies

  1. OleSouthPearlRes says:

    i’m a resident of Old South Pearl, have been for a couple years now, and while I agree that it’s not the “red-light district,” it’s not as “family” oriented as you are suggesting. Hanson’s is a BAR, across the street from that is a wine BAR & the street / neighborhood boasts several festivals that are geared around beer. Izakaya Den (Sushi Den’s sister restaurant) is the Japanese word for a sushi restaurant where it’s acceptable to get drunk. There’s a wine shop. i’ve heard plenty of cussing and debauchery coming from the dish-washing area / kitchen of Kaos pizza, which along with Park Burger, boasts great specials on beers at least once a week. So, while Pajama baking company is definitely family/kid oriented and Duffy Roll is the epitome of a family spot, I believe our neighborhood is well balanced between family & young / up and coming folks. i don’t think Sexy Pizza is contradictory to our neighborhood and I think that it gives parents an opportunity to talk about marijuana with their kids. Sexy Pizza could inspire people in the community to learn about a safer choice for recreation and an alternative medicine. Like you suggested, diversity would be a good thing for our neighborhood and fostering an environment where we can talk about different ideas will help create that diversity.

    • Thanks for the thoughtful comment, OleSouthPearlRes! I am glad you called me out on the fact that Pearl Street is not entirely rainbows and teddy bears. I also conveniently left out the fact that there is The Pearl Co. right down the street from Sexy’s new location…But, I agree that this new eatery could serve as a terrific platform for dialogue between proponents of medical marijuana and those less informed.

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